We contacted Claire Lajus, press manager at WWF.

It was very surprising to see that WWF, a famous environmental NGO, is not concerned about the environmental migration issue.

Why is it interesting ?

Many actors (Christel Cournil, for instance) think that NGOs have to be the pioneers in this awareness raising and that the humanitarian field has to get more involved in this issue.

However, Claire Lajus’ answer shows us that it is not the WWF policy so far :

“For more than fifty years now, WWF aims at slowing down the deterioration of the natural environment of our planet and building up a future where men will be able to live in harmony with nature while conserving the global biological diversity and insuring a sustainable use of natural renewable resources.

Humans are directly concerned and impacted by the planet’s bad health but our expertise and our action field are spaces and species.

We are an environmental NGO, not a humanitarian one. Other NGOs and organizations are more predisposed to do so.”

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