François Gemenne


“I think that the direction we should follow to address the issue and to solve the problem is to consider that there are two primary fundamental human rights that should guide our reflection: the right to stay and the right to leave.”

“Alarmists insist that the environment is quickly becoming a leading driver of migration.”

“Migration scholars tend to have a larger perspective on the issue, insisting on the multi-causality of migration, and also insisting on the fact that there is nothing new with environmental migration, that is has always existed throughout History.”

What it brings to our study : it is a good overview of the environmental migration issue and description of the different actors of our controversy.

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Article published on the website Actu Environnement on September 7, 2012

“Defining environmental migration : Why it matters so much, why it is controversial and some practical processes which may help move forward” with Olivia Dun 

François Gemenne’s definition of an Environmental Migrant :

Key words : Geneva Convention (1951)

What is undertaken to counter Environmental Migration :

Key words : Asian Development Bankthe UNFCCC negotiationsparagraph 14F / Green Climate Fund

On the debate between Alarmists and Skeptics :

The right to stay and the right to leave :

Where are the biggest threats :

To whom priority should be given :

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