Past exhibitions :

ARGOS : Exhibition on Environmental Refugees (Copenhagen, 2009) : past exhibition based on the report made by the ARGOS photojournalism group.

Klimakapseln : conditions of survival in a catastrophe (Hamburg, 2010) : past exhibition in the MKG Hamburg.

World Climate Refugees Camp, (Leipzig, 2009) :  various street art interventions set by Hermann Josef Hack, working on the social effects of climate change since 1991.

 Postcards from the Future (London, 2011) : Views of a futuristic London and the consequences of climate change on the city’s outlook. By Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones.


Projects :

Cape Farewell : a project co-created by David Buckland based in the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London and at the MaRS centre in Toronto whose objective is to instigate a cultural response to the phenomenon of climate change.


Imagine 2020 : Art and Climate Change : a series of eleven European venues and festivals  exploring the cause and effects of climate change.






Lilypad: A floating ecopolis for climate refugees, 2008, by French architect Vincent Callebaut.

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