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January 23, 2012. Pagina 12

Son más los desplazados por catástrofes que por conflictos

“Population displacements associated with climate disasters are more numerous than displacements caused by armed conflicts.”

“Environmental migration are more dramatic than economic migration.”



April 3rd, 2012. NewScientist

Climate migration is a solution, not desperation.

“Rather than seeing environmental migration as bad, we need to see it as part of the solution to environmental change.” 

“Migration is not a last resort. It generally improves the wealth and lifestyles of the people who move.”


April 30, 2012. Pakistan Observer

"Climate Change Refugee": A misnomer?

“Barack Obama in his remarks at United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s Climate Change Summit on September 22, 2009 used the term “climate refugee.”

“While most of the people displaced because of climate change in Bangladesh are likely to be internal, the attempt to categorise those people as “refugee” bears the risk of leaving large number of people unprotected under international law. So, using a non-legal definition might create unnecessary confusion and undermine the necessary protection of this emergent migrant group.”        

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