Who says what?

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To download a PDF version of the map, please click this link: Environmental Migration Map PDF

The full map depicts core, primary and secondary actors for environmental migration. The center shows core actors. The inner circle shows primary actors. The outer circle shows secondary actors.

These circular arrangements represent the connection of all of the actors (core, primary and secondary). The actors are grouped according to types, designated by larger text headings around the circles.

Nodes of specific actors comprise each type. Each node uses a color which corresponds to its type.  The size of the node corresponds to its significance. In this analysis, actors with larger nodes are more influential, relative to actors with smaller nodes.

Lines represent a large connection between two or more nodes. This connection is stronger than the baseline connection between all of the nodes in the circular arrangement, hence the use of a line for emphasis.

Nodes with multiple lines are particularly influential. These nodes represent actors which are mentioned frequently in discussions and research on environmental migration. These nodes also represent key areas of disagreement among actors working with the question of definition.

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